Embroidery Units

Commercial embroidery is a new business introduced in Pakistan a few years ago. There is a lot of potential in this business because of less number of factories in the market and an increasing demand of embroidery in local as well as international market. Industrial embroidery machines (multi head machines) of different makes & origins (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) are used for embroidery.

The trend of usage of embroidery on garments of all sorts is on a rise since last few years. Initially, the embroidery work was used to be done on export garments as per foreign customer's requirements. However, with the passage of time the trend has changed and local market of ladies suits has also emerged as a main customer of embroidery work. Also, the cotton fabric of ladies suits, which is exported to middle east market, is embroided before being exported. Apart from these, the embroidery work is also done on bed sheets, table cloths, and sofa covers, badges etc. Almost 70% of the potential embroidery business exists with the local market while the remaining 30% is done for foreign market.

Project Brief

This project has been designed as a small-scale commercial embroidery unit. This unit is capable of providing its services to local garments and fabric manufacturers as well as to those garment manufacturers who are dealing in export and require embroidery work on their garments. This project is quite flexible in a way that there is no processing of raw materials required and each machine is independent in its working. Keeping in view the potential and industry norms, the project operates with three embroidery machines.

Process Flow Chart