Company History

Basic Information About the Company

Date of incorporation:

07th day of March, 1959
Registration number: 0000984
National tax number: 0710139-2
Sales tax registration number: 04-03-2900-001-82
Phone number: 041-8752111-4, 041-8750363-4
Facsimile number: 041-8750366
E-Mail address:


Crescent Cotton Mills Limited (formerly Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited) was incorporated on March 07, 1959. The Company operated a Sugar and Distillery Unit and then later on setup Spinning Units.The company was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1965. Now the Company is listed on Pakistan stock exchange.

Change of Name of Company

Due to the closure of Sugar as well as Distillery Units of the company the management as well as board of directors considered it prudent to change the name of the company as it was not reflecting the true picture of the operations of the company which was completely textiles. Hence on May 02, 2012 the name of the company was changed to "Crescent Cotton Mills Limited" from "Crescent Sugar Mills & Distillery Limited".


Crescent Cotton Mills Limited has one subsidiary company.

Crescot Mills Limited

Crescot Mills Limited is a spinning unit situated at B-10, SITE Kotri district Hyderabad. Crescent Cotton Mills Limited holds 66.15 % of the equity of Crescot Mills Limited. Due to heavy losses the company has ceased all production activities since August 1998 and has disposed off some of its plant and machinery. The management of the Company has got the Company de-listed from Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited, the sole stock exchange on which it was listed.