Quality Assurance

Here at Crescent Cotton Mills Limited we pride ourselves that we not only check the quality of the finished product but also we have an extensive system of in house quality and process control. Our quality check begins from cotton itself. Cotton undergoes stringent inspection schedules, right from hand classing at fields by experienced hands to instrumental testing at the state of the art testing laboratory, with upkeep of the instruments and calibration done as per laid procedures.

The in-process materials are inspected at all stages and sub standard materials are either reprocessed or rejected according to severity. Well defined quality norms are followed to confirm conformity. The outgoing materials are subject to vigilant and stringent quality control inspection daily and the finished product not complying with our norms are rejected straight away. The sophisticated and versatile Uster Testing Instruments and other popular instruments are used in testing.

The quality is assured at Crescent Cotton Mills Limited by the intelligent use of the most up to date technology including modern machinery and the best available equipments. Crescent Cotton Mills Limited has the best-equipped QC laboratory in the region. Here QC technicians are well experienced in assessing all new developments and controls. From time to time as a matter of practice we get our lab results validated from the internationally accredited laboratories

To maintain consistent excellence in quality on a continuous basis, the company has standardized its procedures and systems for which Crescent Cotton Mills Limited was awarded DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification.

Quality Objectives

•  Customer satisfaction.
•  Continuous efforts to improve product quality and productivity.
•  Continuous training to employees to improve work methods.
•  Cost reduction.